Here’s what past participants have to say…

*All testimonials are shared with permission from previous participants. We have chosen to make these testimonials anonymous for privacy reasons – this is an important component of our philosophy – what happens on retreat stays on retreat!

From the first dive I felt safe with basics and enjoyed the protocol – I was able to be in the moment /present, it also assisted with breathing and being comfortable under water.

Part of the protocol is to float away as we connect with the water and the universe through our breathing as depicted by the air and thought bubbles … we capture these and transfer them through to our mind, heart, and body, it then it continues to flow within us. 

As we lay on the bottom we become part of the flow, we move through the water as it becomes part of us. 

The sensation of lying on the bottom, taking a moment to hold your breath and allow only sounds of the marine universe to wrap themselves around you. 

The feeling of becoming and being part of this environment, as you float with the currents, in and amongst many amazing sea creatures.

Bali Retreat guest

I did not really know what to expect when coming to this mindbody scuba retreat. The week revealed much!

It was a journey of discovery – many layers of self. I feel that my ability to be present has increased significantly. I feel calmer and more in control. The skills I have learned I believe will last a lifetime.

Bali retreat guest

A+++ – Calina & Vincent are an amazing team. I will highly recommend any future Bathysmed diving retreats to others and to my contacts.

I was challenged quite a few times but am grateful looking back and having overcome the challenges. I’ve learnt much about myself, my body, met some wonderful new friends and shared some experiences with existing friends which will last a lifetime.

I’ve also learnt some on the ground-above water- new life techniques.

Bali retreat guest

I loved that people participating were from all walks of life – everyone found their own people and the meshing of personalities worked really well.

Overall an incredible experience that I believe was superbly run – even though you managed to make it all seem effortless. We appreciate the mammoth undertaking. So thank you.

Bali Retreat guest

Can’t. Stop. Smiling. Achieved everything I sought out to do and went so much beyond my expectations. I don’t even know how that happened. In just one week I have grown as a diver and a person.

Bali retreat guest

I loved the experience! It had a good balance of meditation and diving, and incorporated them into each other well.

Bali retreat guest

A really wonderful and valued experience.

Bali retreat guest