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Scuba Diving Retreat
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Anyone who is interested in connecting with their mindbody and learning lifelong techniques for stress relief. If you have never dived before, perfect! The first dives are very shallow and each dive progressively evolves with you as you become accustomed to new sensations. We operate in small group settings and tailor the program for your individual needs.
Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced diver, the protoccol will be adpated to evolve together with you!

Registration officially closes on December 10 2023. However, registration is via a first come first serve basis with limited spots available, so do register early to secure your spot.

Full payment is required to secure your registration.

We will send you a standard scuba-diving medical questionaire to fill in. Should this uncover any health concerns, you may require medical clearance from a doctor in order to participate.